Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I hope to be in 10 years time.

I am a college student at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara. I am in my firts year and I am studying Accountancy. After I grad I want to continue study and take degree Fashion design. I want to open my own boutique when I leave and I am very confused as to where I begin and what would be the most beneficial use of my time. I am currently researching into opening my own business but there is soooo much info too absorb.

I want to open my own boutique ! I could not imagine. I how next 10 years later. I aspiring to entrepreneur which successfully. I sighed for open one boutique crowded with dress, shoe, or handbag.

I would love to sell brands like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Coach, Christian Dior, Baby Phat, House of Dereon, Chanel, Seven, DKNY, etc. Yes i thought about making my own clothing line which is something that i would Really like to do, but again where do i start?

I hope so that my dream achieved someday !!!!

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