Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five things that would really make you happy and why.

Things I'll need is hope, desire, clothes, shoes, lipstick, internet and friends.

Life is only one and i only get that life to make the best of it. If i are home alone, sitting in the sofa, get up, take a shower put on that red dress i love the most, or those shoes that i like, put on lipstick, make myself look pretty. Feel pretty, because i are pretty, there is only one person like i, that's myself.

Do my hair, do my nails, spray some perfume, the one i love the most, the one that make people go, ummmmmmmmmmmm, remembered?. Get on the internet and find out what is on at the movie for this week.

The next thing to do, is to call my friends, invite them to go out with me to buy coffee, to talk, if they are too busy, don't worry go alone, and i will see that just because i look pretty someone will come to me and speak to me at the park. People who feel good about themselves make other people come to them and what to be with them. In this life nobody wants to be with someone who is negative and don't care about themselves.

Dont Worry, Be HAPPY :)

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