Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why The Student Skip Class?

All students have had hundreds of teachers in their lifetimes. A very few of these teachers they remember as being exceptionally good. What are the qualities that combine to create an excellent, memorable teacher? Why do some teachers inspire students to work three times harder than they normally would, while others inspire students to skip class? Why do students learn more from some teachers than others?

let me start saying, "I hate college".I have no idea. I just hate having to wake up so early in the morning {6 am} and having to go to college.i cant stand it! and i know you need the education for the future and study, but is all that time really necessary?? and oh my god, the lectures have the nerve to give you HOMEWORK!! are you kidding me! first day at college was boring. When i worry about college, it can affect my body. A student who feels stressed about college might have headaches or stomachaches. Disliking college is sometimes because of a problem with people. Sometimes it's a problem with my classes and schoolwork. Maybe the work is too easy and i get bored. Or maybe the work is too hard, or i don't feel as smart as the other people. Reading may be difficult for me, but i'm are expected to do a lot of it. i may be getting farther and farther behind, and it may seem like i'll never catch up. There are many reasons why i may dislike college a lot or a little, and finding out why may be an important part of solving the problem. Even though i may worry about college in my brain, it can put a lot of stress on my body. That's why many people who say they hate college get a lot of headaches. Some people who have too much stress have a hard time making decisions. In the morning, i can't decide what to eat, what to wear, or what to pack for lunch. Why bother with college, anyway? Here's the reason, an education is the way to get what i really want in life. Think about all the choices offered at college. Besides math, reading, and science, there's art, music, sports, and clubs. thats why the students to skip class??

-Siti Farida Binti Mustapai section 15 (AA)-


Practice 1

Underline the correct linking words.

1.Remember to look to your left and right (before, until) you cross the street.

2.(Next, First), rub a little ointment on the wound as the third step.

3.The thief was at large for a while. (After, Finally), the police managed to track him down.

4.My house is located just off the main road. (Similarly, However) Hassan’s house is near the main road too.

5.Henry bought a car (in spite of, on the contrary) the fact that cars are very expensive nowadays.

Practice 2

Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. You may use each word more than once.

There later before next then first finally after

Upon arrival at downtown Los Angeles, ______first_________, we checked in at our hotel. _________There______, we were given some time to rest _______after________ our long flight. We were told to meet at the lobby ______later_________ in the evening.

We began out tour of city that evening but ______before_________ we started off, the tour leader made a head count. In the city, we went to all the popular tourist spots. _____There__________ was also a Chinatown in Los Angeles.

The ________next______ morning, we were taken to Disneyland. We spent the whole day ________there______. I found it fascinating. _______there________ was so much to see. I decided to go for the rides.

_______First_______, I went on the roller-coaster. ________Next______, I went on a boat ride. ________Then_______, I took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. _____Finally__________, when the day ended, I went back to the hotel, richer in terms of experience but poorer in terms of money!

Practice 3

Punctuate the sentences with commas, full stops, question marks and capital letters.

1. My mother went to the shop to get flour, sugar, eggs, and butter to bake a cake.

2. “Why are you making so much noise?” asked puan Aishah.

3. “Excuse me. Could you give me directions to the nearest shopping mall?” asked the stranger.

4. The stadium is packed with spectators, hawkers, players, students, and the police.

5. The storm last night uprooted trees brought down electric poles and flooded many areas.

Practice 4

Rewrite the sentences, inserting the correct punctuation marks.

1. Mother told us not to forget our books, pencils, bags, and raincoats.

2. “It’s going to rain heavily don’t forget to take your umbrella.” said grandmother.

3. Looking at the list. I realised my mother wanted some flour, sugar, salt, two tins of tuna, and some cheese.

4. The teacher had ordered the students to sweep the floor, clean the windows, throw the garbage and shut the door before they went home.

5. “Don’t cheat me!” the old lady shouted to the hawker “I will report you to the police.”

Practice 5

Punctuate the following passage.

Zulkifli was very excited. It was his wedding day. The guests had arrived. They were all dressed in their best clothes. His mother, father and siblings were busy greeting them. He could smell the aroma of food being cooked. The house had an air of gaiety. He smiled as he adjusted his songkok before he left the house.

-Siti Farida Binti Mustapai section 15 (AA)-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my hero

my lovely dad and Me !

My dad Mustapai Bin Endut, is a five-star dad bcause he's cool. he's funny. my hero is my dad bcause he's special to me ! he works very hard during the week n spends lots of time with my siblings. he will anything to me ! he cheers me up when im sad i love my dad !!! he never gives up n he helps me in any way he can. he tries make me happy. he helps me n teaches me right from wrong. cheers ! i love my daddy, who has never hurt me *really?. always respected me n understands me !
the story of my dad. let me start saying, "daddy, u r my inspiration". like many fathers, he will occasionally nag at me for my homework or school, but deep in my heart i know that he's a very good father, who is responsible, hardworking, loving, n will forever be my role modal. i respect him because he's very caring. he takes care of me and my siblings so well, n we rely on him so much. sometimes, he always congratulates me when i do something. i really love my dad. i have a lot guy friends, n he's so protective. my dad is a really awesome person, n i want everyone to know that he's the greatest dad.
lastly, my dad is very hardworking. he does many things to help us and our house. i think he's the best dad, n he deserves a great Father's Day surprise.

-Siti Farida Binti Mustapai section 15 (AA)-