Sunday, April 25, 2010

Qualities of a good friend

When your friend contact you and she cry sob? Her voice very sad tell her relationship with boyfriend scattering. Whatever necessary you doing? If every advice you unsuccessful, her meaning, not the needed by your friend. Try to see, what is which need you doing when in front this kind of situation?

Firstly, listen. Sometimes when friend talk about her only hope that you just listening. She did not want any advice or other words than you. What important for her was you lay along it. Although far, use technology facility is today to be sure you able accompanying in her moment sad.

Secondly, always got. In her moment want wipeout her sense of dissapointment and pressure, make sure you spend time with her. Invite she walk in gardens, or do the thing liked by your friend. May it help dispel feeling sad in her heart.

Third, when she is in those circumstances sad might be her unable think calmly. Perhaps also she will turn around after leaving so-and-so. If previously you experience her lover simply incompatible with your friend, make sure you able convince it that she have taken good move. Her action this give to both good party.

Lastly, assured in friend you farewell is opportunity for it start better life. Her meaning come would be preferable contrasting with went. Help her to extend social intercourse.

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