Monday, March 22, 2010

My Life without technology

Each moment, latest technology coined to facilitate beneficial working style for humanity in various fields including information technology, medical, transport, and energy infrastructure. Either innovation technology had modified lifestyle and human communication was technology without wire.

Firstly, Internet technologies dispersed in computer software form where his source code (or 'source codes') readable by anyone understand him. It shared openly and may be obtained by anyone keen. This is stunning me - a knowledge sharing culture beyond country's border. It strengthen awareness that knowledgable only may be added through partnership. This counter once with money wealth will decline when is shared. Through this knowledge sharing culture, Internet technology widespread quickly to around the world. Anyone can implement them. Any problems is shared and resolved by discuss further improve Internet technology one myself. Nothing a leader who gave directive. Those interested can get off the ground with creativity power masingmasing. This partnership culture becoming basis to Internet innovation until today.

Secondly, My life is unimaginable without mobile phone beside. May be I lose ground. With hand phone's function this time increasingly various, it having special role in youth life. In fact, it are also used as one weapon among youth to 'attack' friends that does not unanimity without think its impact. Communication by personal such as already bound. Gajet like telephone already become a 'middlemen' to this time relationship.

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