Friday, February 5, 2010

The Perfect Holiday

Malaysians love to spend their weekends in Cameron Highlands. Its cold weather and nice plants make it perfect for a relaxing holiday.

When I think about Cameron, I will think of strawberry, fresh vegetables, cactus and roses. Oh yea, and tea plantation!

I do visit Cameron Highlands once in a while. In fact, I spent the weekend just after my birthday (year 2009) in this popular vacation destination.

The first day, We were going at the Brinchang night market, we saw more snacks available. There are strawberries dipped in chocolate and honey, strawberry ice cream, grilled pearl sweet corn, fried sweet potato, dried strawberry, fried strawberry ice, kebab etc. It's too bad that we were too full!

Anyway, we bought some small roses and cactus. Ten Ringgit Malaysia for seven small pots of different types of cactus.

The next day, we have to rush back to Kuala Lumpur, therefore we just stopped at the Boh Tea Plantation on the way heading down the highland. The road to the tea plantation is very narrow and a bit dangerous but it's worth for it.

You can have a really great morning by having a cup of hot tea at the tea plantation cafe and admiring the marvelous view of wide spread tea plants. It's a great spot for photo.

Oh yea, don't forget to buy the famous Boh Tea as souvenir for your friends and relatives. There are few types of tea available. Black tea, red tea, green tea etc. Just pick what you like.

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